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Re: Holy Wars redux: w3 vs. emacs-w3m

From: A. Lucien Meyers
Subject: Re: Holy Wars redux: w3 vs. emacs-w3m
Date: Mon, 4 Nov 2002 20:46:08 +0100
User-agent: slrn/ (Linux) (Oliver Scholz):
>  "Michael J. Barillier" <> writes:
>  [...]
> > I've downloaded w3 v4.0pre.47 and have been getting that nasty
> > ``wrong type argument: stringp, nil'' error[2] that's been mentioned
> > lately.
>  FWIW, I encountered this error message myself some time ago. In my
>  case the backtrace told me that it was related to the font size spec
>  in the default.css in w3/etc. I could get rid of the error by changing
>  default.css. I don't remember how exactly; it was something with
>  removing a "+", or somesuch. A backtrace should tell you more. But I
>  don't know if this is a proper solution (I doubt it).
> > Anyone have an opinion[3] on W3 vs. emacs-w3m?
>  IMHO Emacs/W3 feels a lot more emacsish. Well, it is written in Elisp
>  anyways. I really wish it would be more actively developed, because
>  actually it is my favourite browser. And yes, I know emacs-w3m and I
>  use it as a last resort, when Emacs/W3 fails to render a page. I am
>  not happy with this, though.

Why not, Oliver?  w3m works and works well. w3 does not.  Basta.

BTW w3m also works quite well as a stand-alone browser under X.
Have got w3m to render some sites which mozilla would not grok
properly, e. g. .

Am I a w3m fan?  Yes.  Why?  It works.

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