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Re: Diary Usage Poll

From: David S Goldberg
Subject: Re: Diary Usage Poll
Date: Mon, 04 Nov 2002 16:48:00 -0500
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>>>>> On 04 Nov 2002 13:27:28 -0800, David Masterson
>>>>> <> said:

>> FWIW, I ditched my Palm III in favor of BBDB and the Emacs diary.

> Could you be a bit more specific as to why?  Isn't there a BBDB to
> Palm synchronizer out there (somewhere...)?

There is.  In fact there are several.  Unfortunately the only one I've
found that is a true synchronization as opposed to a one way export
from bbdb to pilot appears to be no longer active development.  Nor
for that matter, is the synchronization tool it's built on.  These
would be SyncBBDB and pilotmgr.  They still work, but not nearly as
well under PalmOS4 as they did under PalmOS3.  I get various warnings
that I suspect may become fatal errors in some future version of
PalmOS, and had to tweak some (shudder) perl to get it to work for
me.  For a while I synchronized everything except the Datebook (we use
a proprietary calendar system at work in spite of my best efforts)
with pilotmgr and linux.  Due to the problems I've had, now I have to
sync everything but bbdb with the Palm desktop.  Bleah.

Dave Goldberg

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