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Re: gnus fetches only headers

From: Gernot Hassenpflug
Subject: Re: gnus fetches only headers
Date: 05 Nov 2002 14:34:35 +0900

Mr. Molen has already responded to your query, so lety me - as a
relative newbie - ask the rather basic question of what a category
file is!

I am using 'Topics' in gnus 5.7 under Emacs 20.7.2 to categorize
groups, which looks like what your (quoted below) category file is
doing. However, I do not see a 'category file' anywhere in my news
directory. Each newsgroup has a SCORE and an ADAPT file, and in my
root directory I have a .emacs.el and a .gnus.el file.

My question: is the 'category file' a part of the .gnus (or .gnus.el)
file, or is it a separate file which gnus looks at when it loads?

       Gernot writes:

> I have the following line in my category file
> ((Latex high nil ("comp.text.pdf" "comp.text.tex")) 
> (Programming high nil ( "comp.lang.c"  "gnu.gcc" ""
> "")) 
> (Linux high nil ("comp.os.linux.misc" "comp.os.linux.networking"
> "comp.os.linux.portable" "comp.os.linux.setup" "comp.os.linux.x"
> "uk.comp.os.linux")) 
> (Emacs high nil ("gnu.emacs.gnus" "" "gnu.emacs.bug"
> "comp.emacs" "comp.emacs.xemacs" "gnu.chess" "gnu.emacs.gnews"
> "gnu.emacs.lisp")) 
> (default false nil nil))
> When entering J-s gnus only retieves the headers of the messages
> contained in the group. When I try to read the content of the message
> I get the message 
> "message marqed for download"
> How to I get gnus fetching all the messages contained in group in a
> category?
Gernot Hassenpflug MSc.(Eng.) Kyoto University
Radio Science Centre for Space and Atmospheres

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