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Re: Diary Usage Poll (WAS) Re: enhanced diary mode?

From: mr.sparkle
Subject: Re: Diary Usage Poll (WAS) Re: enhanced diary mode?
Date: 04 Nov 2002 19:47:31 -0500
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On 3 Nov 2002, wrote:
> I don't use it.  Should I?  Will I not know how I lived without it
> if I do?  I've tried a few times, but found it a bit hard to use.
> Maybe the biggest drawback is that I work in Microsoft environments
> so calendar stuff is all in the behemoth's software.

I use it and find it very useful, with only only minor quibbles.

quibble (1) As far as I know, its not possible to display diary
            entries in a grid format. If this is in fact possible, it
            would make diary/calendar even more wonderful.

quibble (2) This involve the i-d command,and I think I will start a
            separate thread for this one

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