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Re: Diary Usage Poll

From: David Masterson
Subject: Re: Diary Usage Poll
Date: 05 Nov 2002 10:16:36 -0800
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>>>>> David S Goldberg writes:

>>>>> On 04 Nov 2002 13:27:28 -0800, David Masterson
>>>>> <> said:

>>> FWIW, I ditched my Palm III in favor of BBDB and the Emacs diary.

>> Could you be a bit more specific as to why?  Isn't there a BBDB to
>> Palm synchronizer out there (somewhere...)?

> There is.  In fact there are several.  Unfortunately the only one I've
> found that is a true synchronization as opposed to a one way export
> from bbdb to pilot appears to be no longer active development.  Nor
> for that matter, is the synchronization tool it's built on.  These
> would be SyncBBDB and pilotmgr.  They still work, but not nearly as
> well under PalmOS4 as they did under PalmOS3.  I get various warnings
> that I suspect may become fatal errors in some future version of
> PalmOS, and had to tweak some (shudder) perl to get it to work for
> me.  For a while I synchronized everything except the Datebook (we use
> a proprietary calendar system at work in spite of my best efforts)
> with pilotmgr and linux.  Due to the problems I've had, now I have to
> sync everything but bbdb with the Palm desktop.  Bleah.

Thanks to you and Alan for the replies.  I had considered getting a
Palm and eventually hooking it up to BBDB, but I guess I'll rethink
that strategy.

David Masterson                David DOT Masterson AT synopsys DOT com
Sr. R&D Engineer               Synopsys, Inc.
Software Engineering           Sunnyvale, CA

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