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Re: emacs diary/calendar insert day (i-d)

From: Alan Shutko
Subject: Re: emacs diary/calendar insert day (i-d)
Date: Tue, 05 Nov 2002 18:52:58 GMT
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Matthias Meulien <> writes:

> Note that it sometime places an empty line at the top of the file, so
> it is impossible to specify local variables in the diary file...

Until that gets fixed (on my list), you can use this:

(defvar ats-diary-file-list 
  `(,(expand-file-name diary-file)
    ,(expand-file-name "~/Library/diary-historical")
    ,(expand-file-name "~/Library/diary-anniversaries"))
  "List of diary files.")

(defun ats-fix-diary-top ()
  "Remove newlines at the top of the diary file when saving."
    (if (member buffer-file-name ats-diary-file-list)          
          (goto-char (point-min))
          (if (re-search-forward "\\`\n+" nil t)
              (replace-match ""))))

(add-hook 'write-file-hooks 'ats-fix-diary-top)

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