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Re: enhanced diary mode?

From: David S Goldberg
Subject: Re: enhanced diary mode?
Date: Wed, 06 Nov 2002 10:30:56 -0500
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>>>>> On Wed, 06 Nov 2002 08:35:28 -0500, Alan Shutko <> said:

> If you hit i d in the calendar it'll still go into the main file, but
> you can then move things around to suit.  I have a main diary file,
> one where I move historical stuff, and a third for all the cyclic
> things like anniversaries.

I trivially advised insert-diary-entry to help me deal with the
multiple diary files I #include.

(defadvice insert-diary-entry (around insert-in-alternate-file first (arg
                                      altfile) activate)
  (interactive "P\nfFile: ")
  (let ((diary-file altfile)
         '((format "%02s/%02s/%4s" month day year))))

I don't recall why I need to set calendar-date-display-form in the
let and I don't feel like breaking things to jog my memory.

Dave Goldberg

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