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Re: Diary Usage Poll (WAS) Re: enhanced diary mode?

From: ken
Subject: Re: Diary Usage Poll (WAS) Re: enhanced diary mode?
Date: Wed, 6 Nov 2002 15:01:53 -0500 (EST)

I used to use emacs' diary, for years in fact, and liked it a lot, but
now use gnomecal.  I switched because I believe gnomecal will be the
dominant calendaring app in Linux, and especially as Linux becomes more
popular on the desktop.  While it could use some more development, it
has a lot of nice and easy to use features.  I especially like its
ability to pop up reminders, send email, and run any executable, all at
a user-designated day/time.  This gnomecal also easily handles repeating
events, events which repeat only a finite number of times, exceptions to
either of these kinds of repeating events, and a variety of others, all 
by pointing and clicking... this from a guy who generally favors a CLI 
to a GUI and who's been an emacs devotee since the '80s.

I should add a little story.  A couple years ago no one at work could
agree on which date fell an upcoming holiday (I don't remember just now
which holiday it was, but anyway...).  People checked published paper
calendars, MS calendaring apps, and I used emacs' diary.  As it turned
out, they were all wrong and emacs was right.  So hang on to that app.  
We still gneed it.

Committed gnu guy,

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