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Re: Color Image in buffer/face/frame background

From: ken
Subject: Re: Color Image in buffer/face/frame background
Date: Wed, 6 Nov 2002 16:48:12 -0500 (EST)

If you use gnome, you could run gnome-terminal, go into Settings | Image 
and then select the one you want.  Then you could run emacs in that 
terminal.  With a little playing around, it would probably be possible 
to get all of this into one command line, something remotely like

gnome-terminal --some-option-for-image --command emacs &

The above obviously won't work, though some collection of options
should.  I'll leave the details to your free time.  


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Spake Szabó Péter at 20:20 (UTC+0100) on Tue, 5 Nov 2002:

= Hi!
= [I already made some posts to the newsgroup, but they did not seem to make
= it to the list.
= So I'd like to apologise if this is not the first time you see this 
= message :-)]
= I am using emacs 21.[12] under XFree, and it would be nice, if I could 
= set a color
= picture as buffer/frame background.
= I found set-face-background-pixmap, but that only worked with bitmaps (2 
= color
= XMB files).
= I know this is just eye candy, but it would be nice to have a paper like 
= effect in
= the text background :-)
= So my question is:
=     Is is possible to do this with current versions of emacs?  If yes, how?
= Yours:
=     Péter
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