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Re: scroll-left question

From: Friedrich Dominicus
Subject: Re: scroll-left question
Date: 07 Nov 2002 13:20:35 +0100
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Klaus Berndl <> writes:

> On 07 Nov 2002, Klaus Berndl wrote:
> Forgot to mention:
> Using NTEmacs 21.2.1
I don't think that make any-difference 

> >  
> >  What can be the reason(s) for the following (IMHO mysterious) behavior:
> >  
> >  If i call interactively scroll-left (means by hitting C-x <) then all is
> >  working fine, i.e. window/buffer is scrolled horiz.
The reasons seems to be obvious for me. C-x < runs in the current buffer.

> >  
> >  But if i call it from program (simulated by doing M-: (scroll-left) RET)
> >  then nothing happens.
Well that runs in the minibuffer, how should it scroll another window?

> >  
> >  And even more mysteriously this behavior is only true for some windows but
> >  for other windows not, i.e. in some windows the behavior is identical
> >  regardless if C-x < or M-: (scroll-left) RET...
Well this is *really* strange, and I do not have any explanation for


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