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Re: MS Word mode?

From: Bruce Mobarry
Subject: Re: MS Word mode?
Date: Thu, 07 Nov 2002 10:59:03 -0800
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Tiarnan <> writes:

> does anyone know is there is an emacs mode to read MS word documents
> (sent by colleagues), as ASCII. I'm thinking of something along the
> lines of antiword, which produces text from MS Word (and even keeps
> tables and so on).

There's catdoc.el, (emacs interface to catdoc) which I've used in the
past. It doesn't support later versions of MS word (97/2000) well,
though. Now I use wv to translate MS word and excel. There is a helper
script (wvMime) that you can call through emacs (and gnus, vm, etc.)
included with the program to present the formatted documents as
postscript, or you can use wvText to strip the formatting to get
ASCII. If I knew how to write lisp, I'd like to write an elisp
interface for wv.

Bruce Mobarry

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