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Re: password shows on emacs as a shell

From: Luigi
Subject: Re: password shows on emacs as a shell
Date: 7 Nov 2002 14:09:33 -0800

These lines are also for Eric Hanchrow, who emailed about the same
valuable suggestions as Peter Weiss did.
Just I need a little hint more, please. 
I did not understand the documentation part that kindly Peter added to
the message. Others will surely benefit from it.
I am not an expert.

I found that there are many files called .emacs inside my computer.
One of them is in /home/luigi and, as I am Luigi, this is probably the
file you mean.
Now, I opened the file, and it is full of strange lines, similar to
the one you suggested me to add.
So, what should I do? Should I copy this line from here:
(add-hook 'comint-output-filter-functions
and paste it right at the end of the file?
Also, I remember I read somewhere, one day in the past, that some
files exist, used to control computers, which have to end with a "line
feed" command, or so, otherwise strange things may happen.
I am afraid of strange things inside my computer. 
So, can I just copy and paste, or there is something that I must know?
Thank you

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