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Re: Latex source specials with files in sub directories

From: no
Subject: Re: Latex source specials with files in sub directories
Date: 7 Nov 2002 16:43:06 -0800

I figured it out myself !!   I don't know lisp, but I was able to hack
tex.el to do what I need:

There is a function in tex.el (under auctex) that is defined as:
(defun TeX-current-file-name-nondirectory ()
  "Return current filename, without path."
  (file-name-nondirectory buffer-file-name))

Change this to:

% Modified by Sumit (
(defun TeX-current-file-name-nondirectory ()
  "Return current filename, with path relative to Tex-master."
  (file-relative-name (expand-file-name buffer-file-name)

Basically, the first variant just puts the current buffer's file name
and new one gets the file name of  the current buffer with its path
relative to the tex-master (the main file from where the other tex
files are being included).

Sumit (no) wrote in message 
> Hi
> I have a directory/file structure like this
> main.tex
> contains a call
> include{subDir/file2.tex}
> now I view and compile main.tex with source specials enabled in Emacs.
> However, when I try to view the dvi, the command line generated by
> emacs is
> xdvi main.tex --sourceposition 100:file.tex
> instead of
> xdvi main.tex --sourceposition 100:subDir/file.tex
> the 1st command line does not work, however, the second one works (I
> verified that in a shell).
> I am using the latest beta latex and emacs 21.2.1
> Got any idea how I can fix this ?

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