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Re: psgml - support for XML namespaces and schemas?

From: Galen Boyer
Subject: Re: psgml - support for XML namespaces and schemas?
Date: 8 Nov 2002 11:10:36 -0600
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On Fri, 08 Nov 2002, wrote:

> I'll download it and give it a try (I'm still using 21.1 -
> hopefully it will work with that too). I assume that just
> commenting out the stuff referring to PSGML in my .emacs will
> be sufficient to enable sgml-mode's XML mode).
> But what I am really after is the features of PSGML but more
> XML rather than SGML centric. The fact that PSGML parses the
> DTD and then provides context-sensitive menus for inserting
> elements and attributes is what makes it so useful for me. 

I'd recommend that you download the XAE and try it out.  It does
this very nicely.

> What I'd like in a dream-case scenario is for it to parse
> schemas instead of DTDs and work with hybrid documents
> containing markup from different namespaces (and in particular
> make it easy to insert the proper namespaces - I always have to
> look them up and type them in by hand). 

I don't know how it deals with this, but I'm sure Paul would be
interested in making it work.

> That would be much handier than being able to work with
> DTD-less generic XML, or relying solely on external tools for
> all validating.

Galen Boyer

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