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Re: psgml - support for XML namespaces and schemas?

From: D. D. Brierton
Subject: Re: psgml - support for XML namespaces and schemas?
Date: Fri, 08 Nov 2002 18:09:57 +0000
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On Fri, 08 Nov 2002 17:10:36 +0000, Galen Boyer wrote:

>> But what I am really after is the features of PSGML but more XML rather
>> than SGML centric. The fact that PSGML parses the DTD and then provides
>> context-sensitive menus for inserting elements and attributes is what makes
>> it so useful for me.
> I'd recommend that you download the XAE and try it out.  It does this very
> nicely.

I thought XAE just was PSGML with a load of java and docbook stuff included.
Is that wrong? XAE's homepage doesn't contain much information.

The thing is that I've already got PSGML set up nicely, and using
onsgmls/openjade for validating suits me so far. I once tried XAE but it
turned out my java environment wasn't configured right, and then I got
totally lost trying to figure that out and eventually gave up. I could
certainly be persuaded to give it another go if I understood what was "value
added" about it (and also if it didn't mean having to scrap all the stuff
I've done so far on configuring psmgl to work how I like it) ...

> I don't know how it deals with this, but I'm sure Paul would be interested
> in making it work.

Well schemas and namespace are certainly a core part of XML's direction, and
I don't see how any full-featured XML editing environment can not support
them, but at the same time to the best of my understanding XAE just uses
PSGML, and Lennart and others have implied that adding support for them would
involve a very major re-write. I really wish I wasn't such a hopeless Lisp
programmer, because I would otherwise enjoy trying to do it myself.

Best, Darren

D. D. Brierton   
       Trying is the first step towards failure (Homer Simpson)

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