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Re: News Reading

From: Jonas Steverud
Subject: Re: News Reading
Date: Sat, 09 Nov 2002 09:41:38 +0100
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Christopher <christop@localhost.localdomain> writes:

> However, I still have to wait for the "nntp read:" download, 
> which takes several minutes. Is there anyway to bypass "nntp read."?

It fetches the list of new articles and new groups from the news
server. By bypassing you won't see which new articles has arrived. If
the time bothers you, switch to a faster server.

> Also, can I configure emacs so that it automatically reads the
> start-up file with my newsgroup subcriptions?

It does by default. It reads .newsrc.eld which contains this
information plus which articles are read, unread, ticked etc.

As Jesper Harder pointed out, quit Gnus with q, when you do so, Gnus
saves the current status to .newsrc.eld and the question about
auto-saved files will disapear (if that's the reason for their existance).

You can also save the status by pressing 's' in the Group buffer.

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