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very cool website!!!

From: ofirgoren
Subject: very cool website!!!
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 2002 05:16:03 +0300
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I thought you would enjoy this new web site that I have found and started using recently. is a free email service provider that pays its members to email. It's really great, we do it anyway, why not get paid for it.

And the best thing of all, not only pays you to email but also pays you while your friends or people that you have referred use their service.

Go to to get more info or to join, it's fast and free. If you will decide to join please use my User ID ofir, when you will be asked the User ID of a person who referred you.

Make sure to tell all your friends about this exiting service because the more referrals we will make, the higher our income will be.

Keep in touch (it pays),


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