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Gnu emacs for (shudder, spit) Windows

From: Jive Dadson
Subject: Gnu emacs for (shudder, spit) Windows
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 2002 00:19:23 -0800

Howdy folks.  I would like to run a couple of gnu programs on my work computer, 
which is all MS Windows 2000 Pro.  I don't have gcc available.  Only VC++ 6.0.  
I would like to run gnu emacs and bison.  Also, I would like a version of gnu 
emacs that is scriptable with Python.

Is there any painless way to do this?  I've downloaded an emacs and a bison 
distribution.  Taking a quick peek at the files, it looks like building either 
one with VC++ 6.0 would be a project.  Unfortunately, I don't have time for a 

Is there any place I can get these things already instrumented for the world of 
Billy Gates?

The email address in the header is munged.  I'm jdadson (AT) ix (DOT) netcom 
(DOT) com.

Best regards and tootle-oo.


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