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Re: Gnu emacs for (shudder, spit) Windows

From: Henrik Enberg
Subject: Re: Gnu emacs for (shudder, spit) Windows
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 2002 11:48:38 +0100
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Jive Dadson <sdadfas@sadfdsfa.invalid> writes:

> Howdy folks.  I would like to run a couple of gnu programs on my work
> computer, which is all MS Windows 2000 Pro.  I don't have gcc
> available.  Only VC++ 6.0.  I would like to run gnu emacs and bison.

  I'm told that Emacs compiles just fine with VC++.  It also compiles
  with mingw.  I have no idea if bison runs on windows.

> Also, I would like a version of gnu emacs that is scriptable with
> Python.

  There isn't such a version.  You'd have to write one yourself.

> Is there any painless way to do this?  I've downloaded an emacs and a
> bison distribution.  Taking a quick peek at the files, it looks like
> building either one with VC++ 6.0 would be a project.  Unfortunately,
> I don't have time for a project.

  Look in the nt subdirectory of the unpackaged distibution for install

> Is there any place I can get these things already instrumented for the
> world of Billy Gates?

  Emacs is available precompiled for windows on a ftp server close to
  you.  Look in the gnu/windows/emacs/ directory.

  See <> for a list of mirrors.

Booting... /vmemacs.el

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