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Re: Can't Print with Emacs 21.2 on WindowsXP

From: Doug M
Subject: Re: Can't Print with Emacs 21.2 on WindowsXP
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 2002 21:23:36 -0500

Thanks for the suggestions.  Very helpful!

Turns out that the Windows XP supported Samsung ML-1430 laser printer does
not work from the DOS command line interface.  I suspect the driver was not
written to support it.  Samsung's unsatifactory reply to my inquery is
below.  I have not yet investigated whether
printfile ( will work around this.

This unit cannot print in DOS. This is very simple and straight
forward. When making a major hardware purchase in the furture we advise
varifing what its capibilities are, before making this type of investment.

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[ You Wrote ]
Dear Samsung Representative,

Thanks for your reply.  However, I cannot just buy
another printer.  I spent $200 on the ML-1340 and
can't take it back since it has been too long.  I
would like to have known it handles Windows and Linux
but not handle DOS!  The DOS is emulated on Windows XP
and who would have thought a printer would only print
in Windows XP without using the DOS command line?

Why does the ML-1340 not print from DOS of Windows XP?
 Is it just a lack of driver function?  Other reason?

I will consider posting my dissatisfaction on usenet
and the web if Samsung does not convince me the
technology barrier is more substantial than writing a
DOS driver for the ML-1430.

Thanks for your consideration,
--Doug Morris

--- Electronics <> wrote:
> This unit cannot print in DOS.
> Please consider our other Printer Models, which do
> support Dos printing, The ML-1250 or ML1650.
> **********  Don't Remove "[SN********]" from the
> title  *************
>   When you inquire about our answer...
>   With the Serial Number, we could identify your
> message.
> [ You Wrote ]
> Samsung,
> I do appreciate your support and got the ML-1430 to
> work with RedHAt 7.3.
> The new problem is with the DOS emulation on Windows
> XP.  Quite simply, the DOS jobs are queue by Windows
> XP and handed off to the ML-1430 laser printer.  If
> the printer is conserving power, it does warm up but
> it does not ever print.  Applications that use
> Windows XP directly do print, however.
> To make it clearer, the following applications will
> print:
> * Word
> * WordPad
> * NotePad
> The following applications fail to print but do go
> to the queue and do cause the printer to wake up if
> resting:
> * GNU Emacs 21.2.1 for Windows NT/XP on i386
> architecture.
> * print <file.txt> on the DOS emulated command line.
> * copy <file.txt> lpt1
> I think it is a driver issue.  What do you think and
> what can I do?


"Eli Zaretskii" <> wrote in message
> On Sun, 3 Nov 2002, Doug M wrote:
> > Can't print with emacs on WindowsXP.  Other apps do.
> > Can't find .emacs file, but found .emacs.d directory.  Hmm?
> > Made sure ps-printer-name and printer-name were set to one of "LPT1",
> > and "USB001" with the printer connected as indicated.  Did this with M-x
> > set-variable.  Looked with C-h v <var name> and noted descriptions.
> > made sure lpr-command and ps-lpr-command were the empty string, i.e. ""
> >
> > Looked in emacs manual (C-h i mEmacs) for instructions.  Hence above
> > approach.
> The Emacs manual has Windows-specific instructions in the node named
> "MS-DOS Printing" (don't be turned off by its name: it's not only for
> DOS).  Did you read that as well?  If so, did you try the port-capture
> method or the "net use" method?
> Can you get a text file printed on that machine by typing this from the
> DOS box:
> copy foo.txt lpt1
> ?

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