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Re: ? OSX compile from CVS (and some setup questions)

From: Hugo Wolf
Subject: Re: ? OSX compile from CVS (and some setup questions)
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2002 13:22:02 GMT
User-agent: slrn/ (Darwin)

In article <>, Heiko Hellweg wrote:
> I tried (and failed) to build my own Emacs on Mac OSX.2 

I can't help you with this.  Last time I built it from the cvs sources
(mid October), I had no problems.

> first of all: when i start emacs from the commandline (Aqua or
> tty via '-nw') with a filename as parameter, as in
>         /Applications/ -nw textfile.txt
> it starts up showing the general info (the usual 20 or such lines: 
> "Welcome to GNU Emacs ...") and only shows the contents of textfile.txt
> after i pressed some key. 

You can get around this in Aqua as follows:

 open -a /Applications/ textfile.txt

I don't know how to avoid it in -nw mode.

> [color for font-lock-mode in a Terminal/console]

I do this by redefining faces, as below.  This works in all four emacs
variants I currently have installed (xemacs 21.4.10, gnu emacs 21.1.1
from Apple, gnu emacs 21.2.1 from fink, gnu emacs from cvs):

(copy-face 'bold 'font-lock-preprocessor-face)
(copy-face 'bold 'font-lock-function-name-face)
(copy-face 'italic 'font-lock-comment-face)
(copy-face 'font-lock-comment-face 'font-lock-doc-string-face)
(copy-face 'italic 'font-lock-type-face)
(copy-face 'bold 'font-lock-keyword-face)

You probably only want to do this for terminal/console mode, since
it's somewhat ugly in Aqua or X11.  At the momemnt I conditionalize
this based on window-system.  Yes, I know, that may not be the right
variable in this situation.  But it _seems_ to be...

> On the other hand, that Aqua buld seems to be the only
> one that accepts 8bit ISO8859-1 umlauts on the tty. 

This is also my experience, though you can enter them with ^q followed
by the octal code, eg ^q-3-7-4 for ü.  You won't see the character
until you type the next one (I know this fixable but I can't remember
what the fix is -- iso-insert or something like that?).

Otoh I've never figured out how to display these special latin-1 chars
properly in any terminal gnu emacs under osx.  Do you know the answer
to that one? It works fine in terminal xemacs, X11 xemacs, X11 gnu
emacs, and Aqua/Carbon gnu emacs.

> ... oh well ... seems like i'm stuck with either having color or umlauts 
> on the tty... (yes: for some reason, i prefer tty emacs).

Try the face hack, above, to get font-lock color.  Or use the octal
instead of the option-key style of entry in any emacs/xemacs in which
color is already working as you want it to.  If you don't plan to use
the Mac window system, I'm not sure it's worth bothering to build the
cvs sources at all.

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