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Re: Getting back C-m instead of RET

From: Benjamin Lewis
Subject: Re: Getting back C-m instead of RET
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2002 17:21:02 -0800
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On 12 Nov 2002, wrote:

> Hi,
> The Gnus tutorial says I should type
> C-c C-m f
> to attach a file to an outgoing email, but when I type the C-m, emacs
> acts like it's a RETURN. How can I change this ? and won't changing it
> adversely affect my emacs ?

C-c <RET> f also works.  Or it does for me, anyway.  C-m is the newline
character, I believe.

Benjamin Lewis

Pohl's law:
        Nothing is so good that somebody, somewhere, will not hate it.

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