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Re: Getting back C-m instead of RET

From: Michael Slass
Subject: Re: Getting back C-m instead of RET
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2002 02:18:23 GMT
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joao <> writes:

>Yep, that's it ! Problem solved, thanks.
>With C-c RET f, what happens is the RET puts me back into the buffer and
>the 'f' just gets inserted. M-m f is just what I needed. Thanks again.

No sweat.  I learned this from the label next to the menu option

Not the easiest place to find -- I'm pretty sure a co-worker pointed
it out to me.  The menus in gnus have *many* of the useful commands in
them, and can help you find the keybinding and command names.

Mike Slass

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