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Weird change in behavior...

From: Anthony Roberts
Subject: Weird change in behavior...
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2002 08:01:11 GMT

I use GNU Emacs 20.7.1 for Windows NT... I've been using this version for
almost a year now.

Today, when programming in Java, the intending style spontaneously changed,
apparently without cause. I haven't changed my system or even altered the
paths or anything, and the Java_Mode_Hook's I added are still there in the C
customization group.

This is the modification I made like a year ago, copied from the
customization buffer.

Java Mode Hook: [Hide]
[INS] [DEL] (lambda nil
  (c-set-style "bsd"))
(lambda nil
  (c-set-offset 'inline-open 0))
   [State]: this option has been set and saved.
Hook called by `java-mode'.

The one modification I've made recently was adding exactly the same things
to C_Mode_Hook, a few weeks ago, but this problem didn't appear until about
an hour ago. I've been coding all day without this problem so I'm confused.
First, just a single instance of Emacs was affected, and I thought that I
had just missed a brace or semicolon somewhere. All new instances of Emacs
have been affected, and I've since closed all the old ones.

I tried removing the C_Mode_Hook's, without success, so I'm out of ideas.
Except for upgrading that is, but I was planning to do that anyway.

TIA for any help,

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