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Re: ? OSX compile from CVS (and some setup questions)

From: Heiko Hellweg
Subject: Re: ? OSX compile from CVS (and some setup questions)
Date: 12 Nov 2002 17:03:54 +0100
User-agent: Gnus/5.09 (Gnus v5.9.0) Emacs/21.1

Hugo Wolf <> writes:

> In article <>, Heiko Hellweg wrote:
> > [color for font-lock-mode in a Terminal/console]
> I do this by redefining faces, as below.  This works in all four emacs
> variants I currently have installed (xemacs 21.4.10, gnu emacs 21.1.1
> from Apple, gnu emacs 21.2.1 from fink, gnu emacs from cvs):
> (copy-face 'bold 'font-lock-preprocessor-face)
> (copy-face 'bold 'font-lock-function-name-face)
> (copy-face 'italic 'font-lock-comment-face)
> (copy-face 'font-lock-comment-face 'font-lock-doc-string-face)
> (copy-face 'italic 'font-lock-type-face)
> (copy-face 'bold 'font-lock-keyword-face)

that only switches the bold/underline attributes around a bit for me.

With the apple supplied emacs (and the fink build too), i got
real ansi colors in tty-emacs.

This whole termcap/terminfo setup seems to fail misreably with
the 21.3 build from my previous post.

> > On the other hand, that Aqua buld seems to be the only
> > one that accepts 8bit ISO8859-1 umlauts on the tty. 
> This is also my experience, though you can enter them with ^q followed
> by the octal code, eg ^q-3-7-4 for ü.  You won't see the character
> until you type the next one (I know this fixable but I can't remember
> what the fix is -- iso-insert or something like that?).
> Otoh I've never figured out how to display these special latin-1 chars
> properly in any terminal gnu emacs under osx.  Do you know the answer
> to that one? It works fine in terminal xemacs, X11 xemacs, X11 gnu
> emacs, and Aqua/Carbon gnu emacs.

They display them just fine! I just can't enter them :-(

I've set up for ISO Latin 1 and viewing a file
with iso encoded umlauts shows them correctly in tty emacs (all the
builds i mentioned). Entering them from my (german) keyboard 
however results in stripped high-bits in the fink and apple versions.
The 21.3 build handlet that correctly - but colorless..

thanks - Heiko

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