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Strange line-wrapping

From: Fredrik
Subject: Strange line-wrapping
Date: 12 Nov 2002 17:17:28 GMT
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Using NTemacs 21.2.1 I have the following problem:

I like to have my code wrapped automatically so I've set c-ignore-auto-
fill to nil which works pretty well. However, there is some strange 
behaviour. This works fine:

int Method(int parameter1, int  <---- automatic wrap
           parameter2, int parameter3)

But if ther is a comment before the line to wrap, I get the following 

int Method(int parameter1, int  <---- automatic wrap
//parameter2, int parameter3)   <---- now this is a comment!

ie the comment-signs (//) is added to the new line. 

Can someone explain this? And how do I solve it?


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