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how to configure internet proxy with exceptions?

From: A. L. Meyers
Subject: how to configure internet proxy with exceptions?
Date: 13 Nov 2002 01:07:15 -0800


Trying to obtain my accustomed emacs functionality in
an NT environment.  Have run into an (for me) unsurmountable
problem accessing the internet from emacs, although am
permanently "on line".  The configuration parameters from IE
look something like the following:

proxies for http, secure, ftp and gopher:

do not use proxy for addresses beginning with:


In addition, the system required "myuserid" and "mypassword"
to access the network with the proxy server.

Would much appreciate "verbose" indications where (customise 
items), how and what I should put into .emacs for this.  Is
there an "import settings from IE" functionality in emacs?


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