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Re: looking for: query-replace with a "yank-word" binding ala isearch

From: bigfaceworm
Subject: Re: looking for: query-replace with a "yank-word" binding ala isearch
Date: 13 Nov 2002 09:53:57 -0800

Works great, thanks.
But I'm confused now.

I didn't expect the code to work b/c I don't see how subsequent calls to 
'bfw-insert-word would insert more and more words.  I expected the
'save-excursion to save the point&mark in the minibuffer-scroll-window (as
well as the state of the current buffer (minibuffer).

But... the documentation says it just saves the point&mark in the current
buffer - a distinction I didn't realize before.

So, this code works b/c we're actually moving the point in the
minibuffer-scroll-window?  (which is protected by a larger save-excursion
inside of the query-replace)?

That is probably why the debugged version worked (like Kevin pointed out).
Learn a new thing every day...


Kevin Rodgers <> wrote in message 
> Why should the contents of the minibuffer affect what text is inserted?
> (defun bfw-insert-word ()
>    "Insert the word after point from the selected buffer into the minibuffer.
> This advances point in the selected buffer."
>    (interactive)
>    (insert (save-excursion
>           (set-buffer (window-buffer minibuffer-scroll-window))
>           (buffer-substring (point)
>                             (progn (forward-word 1) (point))))))

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