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Re: escape characters in emacs20 shell mode

From: Frédéric Bothamy
Subject: Re: escape characters in emacs20 shell mode
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2002 20:17:11 +0100
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* Nimar Arora <> [2002-11-13 10:21] :
> Hi,
> I'm running emacs20 on a Linux (Debian - Woody/stable)
> virtual console. When I enter an emacs shell and try
> to execute some command - like 'ls' - the output
> contains a whole of junk - [[0m etc. These look like
> the escape characters which can control the display
> attributes on some terminals. I don't understand why
> I'm getting these. I don't even have a .emacs file
> yet, so I haven't changed the default configuration.

You probably have an alias on ls like alias='ls --color=auto'. These
ares color codes. Unalias ls and it should work as you want.

I still don't understand why auto-color tries to color on a dumb
terminal (same here). Probably a wrong terminfo/termcap definition.


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