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Re: Strange line-wrapping

From: Fredrik
Subject: Re: Strange line-wrapping
Date: 13 Nov 2002 21:48:09 GMT
User-agent: Xnews/L5 (Kai Großjohann) wrote in">

>> And how do I solve it?
> Tell Emacs that each non-comment line is the start of a new
> paragraph: see variable paragraph-start, and also paragraph-separate,
> perhaps. 

Looking up the variables tells me their values are

"[      ]*\\(//+\\|\\**\\)[     ]*$\\|^\f"


"[      \f]*$"

As my emacs-knowledge is rather limited, I have no idea on how to 
interpretate this information. Can anybody help me?

BTW Kai, emacswiki (
IndentationTutorial) tells me you have an indentation-tutorial at

When trying to view that page, the server tells me I don't have 
permission to access it. Is this correct, i.e. I should not have access 
to it, or is there an error?


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