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Re: Emacs und Pascal

From: David Masterson
Subject: Re: Emacs und Pascal
Date: 13 Nov 2002 13:46:43 -0800
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>>>>> Florian Lindner writes:

> David Masterson wrote:
>>>>>>> Florian Lindner writes:
>>> Alex Schroeder wrote:
>>>> Florian Lindner <> writes:

>>>>> is there a Mode for Emacs for editing Borland Turbo Pascal 6
>>>>> available?

>>>> Well, there is pascal-mode: Edit any file with the .pas extension
>>>> and there you are.

>>> I know. As I discribed.

>>> But the built in mode offers only basic functions. What about
>>> invoking a compiler and so on?

>> Invoking any command-line oriented compiler is M-x compile.

>> I have not heard of an all-encompassing Pascal mode.  Most Emacs
>> users are C/C++ programmers on UNIX and Java programmers, so the
>> big modes tend to be in those areas.

> If done some experiments with so mode, and it seems better than at
> the first look.  Is there documentation for this mode only?

Compile mode?  It's in the Emacs Info documentation.

Pascal mode?  Not sure -- there's always comments in the lisp file.

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