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Re: Emacs 21.3.50 on OS X 10.2.2

From: Amos
Subject: Re: Emacs 21.3.50 on OS X 10.2.2
Date: 13 Nov 2002 22:24:22 -0800

Heiko Hellweg <> wrote in message 
> The 10.2.2 update messed up lots file permissions for me.
> Try running 'fix permisions' from Apples 'Disk Utility' and rebooting.
> I could recompile emacs after that.

You're not joking.  It was interesting to see how many perms
were screwed up.  Sadly, that did not seem to resolve my 

What compiler are you using?  I'm using the July Dev tools with
the Aug and Oct updates applied.

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