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Re: HTML Editing in Emacs

From: Harry Putnam
Subject: Re: HTML Editing in Emacs
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2002 21:24:12 GMT
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Michael Slass <> writes:

> Sam Peterson <> writes:
>>Hmm, I see great potential there.  That was a little more simple than
>>I'd hoped for but I imagine it gets the job done.  I was kind of
>>hoping for something that would map out my site and give me a list of
>>references that I could change if I wanted to.  Any recommendations?
> There must be a perl package that does this.  Check on cpan, or put on
> your asbestos suit, and ask with maximum humility and self-deprecation
> (without using the word "newbie" or "novice", which will get you
> filtered by anyone who knows anything) on comp.lang.perl.misc.

Yike, Hes in for rough sledding there.  I recommend the perl novice
group.  Its gatewayed on as comp.lang.perl.beginners.

Almost guaranteed to get a good answer in short order.

You'll probably find lots of cool stuff on gmane.  You can post to the
gatewayed groups.  Larsi and others have done lots of work setting
up gmane.

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