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gmane (was: HTML Editing in Emacs)

From: Marc Girod
Subject: gmane (was: HTML Editing in Emacs)
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 10:03:10 GMT
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>>>>> "HP" == Harry Putnam <> writes:

HP> I recommend the perl novice group. Its gatewayed on
HP> as comp.lang.perl.beginners.

i.e. as gmane.comp.lang.perl.beginners now that I went to look.

HP> You'll probably find lots of cool stuff on gmane.  You can post to the
HP> gatewayed groups.  Larsi and others have done lots of work setting
HP> up gmane.

This info came as a surprise. I found now and shall
have a deeper look at it.

Anything else you would suggest to drive my first steps?

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