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How to over-ride c-set-style ... indentation

From: Kai Peter Ford
Subject: How to over-ride c-set-style ... indentation
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 09:17:37 -0800

I need to over-ride the default 3-space indentation in the "ellemtel" style with 4 spaces. I currently have the following in my .emacs:

(add-hook 'java-mode-hook
          '(lambda ()
             (c-set-style "ellemtel")))
. . .
 ;; custom-set-variables was added by Custom -- don't edit or cut/paste it!
 ;; Your init file should contain only one such instance.
 '(c-basic-offset 4)
 '(c-indent-level 4)
. . .

but this has no effect.  Is there any way to do this?

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