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Re: [probably OT] cut&paste problem emacs-Mozilla

From: chris.danx
Subject: Re: [probably OT] cut&paste problem emacs-Mozilla
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 19:10:43 +0000
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Jdev wrote:

Hello to all! I'm new (gnu) here but not in emacs i love it! ;-)
I'm start asking a question probably not 100% emacs related hint me to
post elsewhere if you mind.
I'm recently switched to mdk 8.2 with emacs 21.1 and I can't kill&yank
(cut&paste)from emacs to any mozilla (0.98) application (browser mail
ecc). This also happen with Sylpheed (MUA), but I'm unable also to c&p
also from Konsole to Moz. but it works from konsole to emacs. Probably
this is not an emacs problem but if you can hint me in any directions it
will be appreciated!
Eli Spizzichino

I had the same problem but found that turning on Klipper helps alot. I usually find I copy the text, go to mozilla, then select the text from klipper and paste it.


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