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Re: pdb misbehaves in emacs-21.2.1

From: Yuri Shtil
Subject: Re: pdb misbehaves in emacs-21.2.1
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 20:47:31 GMT
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Yuri Shtil wrote:

I have installed RH 8.0 and got emacs-21.2.1 with it.

I noticed that pdb (python debugging package) no longer tracks the source code. It displays line numbers in the debugger window instead.

The statement that it works after I moved gud.el is NOT correct.

Something is fishy there. I THOUGHT it worked, but I cannot see it working anymore.

It works well with emacs-21.1.1. When I moved the file gud.el to the new emacs and byte-recompiled it, the correct behavour appeared.

I concluded that the changes to the gud.el introduced in 21-2.1 broke the pdb (or maybe some other supported debuggers).

Any clues anyone ?


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