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Re: face at point

From: Tim Cross
Subject: Re: face at point
Date: 18 Nov 2002 09:40:28 +1100
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John Hunter <> writes:

> [ I recently inadvertently posted this to g.e.gnus, but it really
> belongs here.  Sorry for the crosspost ]
> I don't really understand how to identify what faces are in use in a
> given buffer.

I find the following two functions very useful

,----[ C-h f list-colors-display RET ]
| list-colors-display is an interactive compiled Lisp function in `facemenu'.
| (list-colors-display &optional LIST)
| Display names of defined colors, and show what they look like.
| If the optional argument LIST is non-nil, it should be a list of
| colors to display.  Otherwise, this command computes a list
| of colors that the current display can handle.


,----[ C-h f list-text-properties-at RET ]
| list-text-properties-at is an interactive compiled Lisp function in 
| (list-text-properties-at P)
| Pop up a buffer listing text-properties at LOCATION.

As I also find many of the "default colours don't work well with a
dark background, I usually start my customization of emacs colours by
setting the default foreground/background and then using
list-colors-display to see the values for all loaded faces and setting
those which are difficult to read. If I find there is still a face in
some mode which is difficult to read I put the cursor on a bit of the
text and use list-text-properties-at-point to identify which face i
need to set.


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