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Re: face at point

From: Miles Bader
Subject: Re: face at point
Date: 18 Nov 2002 17:52:29 +0900

Tim Cross <> writes:
> > Note that emacs explicitly knows about this issue and maintains separate
> > dark-background defaults for many faces, so any default face that's not
> > readable on a dark background is a bug, so please report if you can.
> Well...I guess in theory that should work, but my experience has been
> that a number of faces are difficult to read when you use a dark
> (black) background - in particular, there are a number of faces which
> use variants of blue (navy, darker blue etc) and red or dark red which
> are difficult to read. I found this under both X and console.

Then they are broken; please report them as bugs.  I use a dark
background myself, and fix anything I see, but of course I don't use
every feature in emacs.

> I'm not sure there is a lot which can be done here though - there are
> quite a few different faces and many of them are not very good with a
> dark backgroun, so I think the choice for default dark background face
> foreground colours are limited.

Um, why does that matter?  If the set of foreground colors that contrast
well is limited, then the foreground colors should be chosen from that
set.  Of course, in some cases, the right choice is to set both the face
background _and_ foreground.

> I did find under the console, some colours just didn't show up right,
> but expect thats a result of the limited colours available under the
> console.

Yes, this is a common problem, and hard to solve perfectly.

However, emacs _does_ attempt to deal with it, and in some cases uses
different default faces for terminals [the console being a terminal],
if same face just can't be made to look good on both window-systems and

> On another point, what is the "correct" way to determine when you are
> working under X and when you are working under a consle terminal.

Look at the functions beginning with `display-', e.g.,
`display-graphic-p', `display-color-p', or `display-multi-font-p'.

They are in the elisp manual in the node `(elisp)Display Feature Testing'.

> remember seeing some thread in one of the groups which recommended not
> use the window-system variable (can't remember why).  For my setup I'm
> using the function device-type e.g.

My emacs has no such function.

Are you perchance using xemacs?  If so, I think much of what I said
above may not apply.  In particular, I was under the impression that
xemacs had far less sophisticated handling of tty faces.

[Your email headers say `Emacs 21.2' though, so I'm not sure what to think...]

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