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Re: HELP: speedbar on top

From: David Sumsky
Subject: Re: HELP: speedbar on top
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 14:02:22 GMT
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Kai Gro├čjohann wrote:
David Sumsky <> writes:

does anybody know how to make emacs's speedbar to stay on top of all
avaible frames/windows currently on the desktop?!?

Things like this are usually done via the window manager.  Sawfish
has `depth' for this and KDE has a `stay on top' option.

Yes, I know, I'm using KDE as a desktop, but when I check "stay on top" for SPEEDBAR frame and then save it for next session, both EMACS and SPEEDBAR frame (when I run it again) has "stay on top" checked. It seems, there is no difference between these two frames/windows. It seems, they are both managed the same way :-)

But you can turn on auto-raise for Emacs frames.  (For speedbar, it
woudl be via the variable speedbar-frame-parameters.)
I will try it, thanks


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