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Re: emacs and lynx

From: francesco
Subject: Re: emacs and lynx
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 14:28:46 GMT
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Before all, thanks!.

I activate links with browser-url.
Again i search, with a 
a page .asp ).
i want download all links form this page with C-s (... go to link ..) d 
(donwload).. go to next link ... idem...  I think make a macro with emacs, 
but the minibuffer reply the message I wrote.

I'm sorry for my English. Si vis, latine loqueris... ;-).

Thank you!

F. V. 

Kai Großjohann wrote:
> Please describe exactly what you did before this error message
> occurred.  Begin with starting Emacs.
> Thanks,
> kai

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