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Re: nnir.el?

From: Don McAllaster
Subject: Re: nnir.el?
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 19:06:37 -0500
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Eric Eide <> writes:

> "Don" == Don McAllaster <> writes:
>       Don> I've tried to get it from
>       Don>,
>       Don> but I've been timed out maybe twenty straight times in
>       Don> the last week. Is the server just real busy, or is it
>       Don> broken?
> I downloaded `nnir.el' last week --- but I couldn't, until I told my
> FTP client not to go into passive mode.  Perhaps this is your
> problem as well?
> Eric.

Yes, thanks. In case anyone else is having the problem, here's what I

$ ncftp
*ncftp* set passive 0
*ncftp* open
*ncftp* cd pub/src/emacs
*ncftp* get nnir.el
*ncftp* quit

But note that at work today, behind a fancy-schmancy firewall, this
did not work. Had to do it from home.

Don McAllaster
Shrewsbury, Mass.

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