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Re: face at point

From: Tim Cross
Subject: Re: face at point
Date: 19 Nov 2002 16:58:44 +1100
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Miles Bader <> writes:

> Tim Cross <> writes:
> As Eli said in an earlier message, there is an informal policy to try
> to keep the light-background and dark-background variants of a face at
> least `similar,' which sometimes complicates things.
> What color do you use for this face?

At present, within Gnus, I'm still using the default, so its still in
'difficult red'. I like the idea of orange, or maybe a lighter
red/pink - I do try to stay close to what the defaults are -
experience has taught nme that if you change colours too dramatically,
you end up conflicting in other areas and having to change yet more
fonts, leading to changing more fonts .....

On an even more interesting note was the comments in another part of
this thread which points out the function I have been using to
determine the type o device I'm on and therefore the type of colours
to use is actually from w3 (device0-type). I didn't realise this and
now think that although it does the job, its not the best choice to

Is it OK to just use the window-system variable? I can't remember what
the discussion was some time ago that seemed to conclude it was a bad
idea. If you are better off not using it, what would be best? ideally,
I'd like something that can tell the difference between X, the console
and a colour xterm. From my apropos searches, it seems there is quite
a few to choose from and can already see how to make a number of
alternatives work, but would just like to know how others have
approached this and why they chose the method they did.


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