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How are you using (local) version control and comments?

From: Mac
Subject: How are you using (local) version control and comments?
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2002 11:48:47 GMT
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I have found a bunch of nifty ideas from this group on how to use
version control in Emacs. But I'm fairly new as a regular user of cvs
and can not get it all to work out into a smooth flow.

Would anyone care to help me by describing your way of working?
I'm particularily interested in how to record changes. 

I have earlier used ediff to view differences while writing the commit
log message.  Now I prefer to use C-x 4 a
('add-change-log-entry-other-window' suggested by kai) to record my
purposes while editing the file.

I'm currently using a Change-Log in each directory, describing changes
in local files, and a "module specific" Change-Log in the top
directory. But when using commit from pcl-cvs on the whole module, I
have to manually copy and edit entries from all Change-logs below.

Since I have a slow connection to my cvs repository (sourceforge) I'm
also thinking about using RCS as a local version control as described
in <info://emacs/Local+Version+Control>. Does this also work under


Thanks to Reiner Steib for 'rs-insert-current-info-node' 

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