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Re: How are you using (local) version control and comments?

From: Phillip Lord
Subject: Re: How are you using (local) version control and comments?
Date: 19 Nov 2002 17:12:27 +0000
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>>>>> "Stefan" == "Stefan Monnier <>" 
>>>>> <> writes:

  >> Since I have a slow connection to my cvs repository (sourceforge)
  >> I'm also thinking about using RCS as a local version control as
  >> described in <info://emacs/Local+Version+Control>. Does this also
  >> work under pcl-cvs?

  Stefan> PCL-CVS doesn't know anything about RCS, so it won't mind
  Stefan> but it won't do anything useful with it.  I used such a
  Stefan> setup in the past and actually liked it: instead of
  Stefan> switching backend in VC with `C-x v b', I just let VC do all
  Stefan> the RCS commands and used PCL-CVS to do the CVS stuff.

I had this plan at one stage, to re-implement the "backup-dir" kind of
functionality using RCS, but moving the RCS directory out of the way,
and hiding it. So every time you saved a file it would be
automatically "checked in" (without a checkin log). This would be a
great way of implementing a space efficient mechanism for doing backup

Add in some kind of garbage collection for removing hopelessly old
logs (where the original file had been deleted for instance), and
something else for pruning the RCS file (to 50 or so revisions). 

I guess you were using two back ends for something similar
functionality wise. 

Anyway I never got around to implementing it, and I doubt that it will
happen soon. I just wanted to share this thought with you....



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