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Re: How are you using (local) version control and comments?

From: Mac
Subject: Re: How are you using (local) version control and comments?
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 08:05:05 GMT
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En dag, närmare bestämt 2002-11-19, plitade Stefan Monnier ner:

>>> I'm currently using a Change-Log in each directory, describing
>>> changes in local files, and a "module specific" Change-Log in the
>>> top directory. But when using commit from pcl-cvs on the whole
>>> module, I have to manually copy and edit entries from all
>>> Change-logs below.
>> Sounds like a bug (or lack of feature ;-) in PCL-CVS.  I'll see if
>> I can fix it.  Thanks for mentioning it.
> Actually, it seems to work fine, so I guess I misunderstood your
> problem.  Could you describe it some more ?

Well, kai pointed out to me that it ('C') looked at today's date, I
was unaware of that. So it does work as it is supposed to.

Since I don't want to do commit files that are in a "dirty" state, is
there a way to catch all ChangeLog entries since last commit? 

<feature request> I would like to do a
i.e. add a ChangeLog entry in the ChangeLog of the current directory
by recursing all other ChangeLog files, just like 'C' does on
commit. This I could hapilly do manually every day. </feature request>


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