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RE: kill-region must change value of (point)?

From: Bingham, Jay
Subject: RE: kill-region must change value of (point)?
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 18:00:31 -0600


You are correct.  If point is somewhere within the region it is "moved" to be 
between the last character before the region that was not deleted, and the 
first character after the region that was not deleted.  If it follows the 
region, its value is changed (reduced) by the amount of text removed.  If it is 
before the region it remains unchanged.
You can read all about this in the emacs lisp reference manual.

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Sent:   Wednesday, November 20, 2002 4:22 PM
Subject:        kill-region must change value of (point)?

If I kill-region to delete some portion of
buffer that includes where I'm at right
now ( denoted by (point) right? ) then
there is no way to avoid changing value
of (point) because I must be moved somewhere
else after the deletion right?


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