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Re: LF / CR problem

From: kgold
Subject: Re: LF / CR problem
Date: 21 Nov 2002 18:54:47 GMT

I use eol-conversion.el, which provides functions and drop down menus
for converting to DOS, MAC, and Unix line endings.

Jon Rogers <> writes:
> Hello
> I run the emacs version that come bundled with RedHat 8. When I load
> files from my dying Mac, the new line situation is handled satisfactory,
> so that files that look like crap when viewed with the "more" command
> are displayed correctly.
> However, when I save them from emacs, they still look the same in more.
> I'd like to be able to "export" the text file so that it uses linux line
> feed and not the Mac dito, just the way it looks in emacs. I guess this
> is possible, but I can't understand how to do it.
> / Jon

Ken Goldman   914-784-7646

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