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M-x sort-fields

From: Raimund . Kohl
Subject: M-x sort-fields
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 23:24:15 +0000 (GMT)


I do have files with coloumns of either text or digits and want to sort
them by date. How do I do that? If I use M-x sort-field it doesn't accept
a numeric argument ... at least not the way I try to put it in. Here an

blahblah  &  12.2.  & 132,40  &  10,20
blubblub  &  15.5.  &  15,40  &   2,23
bleblebb  &  1.4.   &  10,00  &   1,00

I want to sort the lines according the date of the third column (given the
"&" sign is a column of it's own). If I understood the manual correctly I
am to mark the "b" of the first line and the "0" of the last line and then
command M-x sort-fields with the column as a numeric argument to which it
all lines shall become sorted. Anybody to help me here?

Thank you in advvance


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