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Re: AucTeX

From: Kester Clegg
Subject: Re: AucTeX
Date: 22 Nov 2002 14:49:07 +0000
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"arthur.chereau" <> writes:

> First, I'd like to keep the xdvi window always opened, that is:
> - the first time I compile the source from emacs, emacs opens an xdvi window
>   with the corresponding dvi
> - I don't need to close xdvi to recompile
> - when I recompile with auctex, xdvi updates the dvi

xdvi should update as soon as you switch focus to it after compiling.
You shouldn't need to change the default settings.  You compile with C-c
C-c once, do it again and you get the option to view.  After that, you
can just compile and xdvi will update of its own accord.

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